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HEET | designer leather, metal & Swarovski crystal jewelry | stay hot!


HEET is a contemporary-luxe, statement making jewelry and accessories.  All pieces in our collection are handmade by trained artisans with special care using only the finest materials including Swarovski crystal elements, the standard of excellence in the industry.  We work with only premium natural leathers, suede and other textiles.  Nothing is mass-produced and therefore individual variations in color and markings should be appreciated as part of the unique quality of the product.  The metal we use is 100% Nickel-free, Lead-free, and Cadmium-free solid die-cast Aluminum Zinc blend and during production natural imperfections and markings may develop. This too adds to the unique and individual personality of every design.  Our specially selected vintage components including a mix of plastics, glass and wood along with other materials created a collector aspect to our limited editions.  HEET is proudly designed and created in the USA in our HOT South Florida studio and sold in the finest boutiques and shops worldwide.